Dr. Nelson Trujillo is well known to Boulder as an excellent Cardiologist, wonderful person, and a community leader.

dupuytren's handWhen Dr. Trujillo’s hand started forming Dupuytren’s cords and affecting his ability to straighten his fingers, he had a very serious decision to make. As an Interventional Cardiologist at Boulder Community Health’s Boulder Heart, he needed to decide if should undergo surgery, or should he let the genetic disease process affecting his hand potentially limit his life long passion?

Dr. Trujillo consulted with Dr. David Conyers and they decided that surgery was the best option to ensure that Doctor Trujillo had the optimum outcome for his hand and was able to return to the cardiac cath lab.

Post hand surgery, and some hand therapy appointments, Dr. Trujillo is back to full duty in the Cath Lab.

These pictures are of him after surgery and with his hand flat on a rock while vacationing in beautiful Italy.  We have also included a photo of what a typical person’s hand looks like with a Dupuytren’s contracture prior to surgery.  BoulderCentre is proud to have helped Dr. Trujillo continue his excellent patient care.

Dr Trujillo fixed hand- post BoulderCentre surgery with Dr. David Conyers